Venue Teaching

Venue Teaching

As a professional Taichi chain brand in China, i-TAICHING has established many Taichi and Elite Clubs across the country. The scientific teaching theories and standardized practice method make the learning and exercise of Taichi chuan easier. Besides, by the mode of learning by doing, you can personally experience the charm of our national quintessence Taichi. In an ease and elegant circumstance, you can really get both physical and mental joviality!

Teaching contents

Group session: Scientific Regimen; Make friends by Taichi
10-30 trainees can start a session
Twice a week. Trainees shall participate in the sessions as scheduled in session form and make an appointment in advance.
A progressive learning system
Tea, dessert and fruit for free
Colorful member activities

VIP classes: Practice with people in the same pursuit and benefit much
One to three teaching
Twice a week, require appointment to attend class
A progressive learning system
Tea and dessert for free
Present a silk Taichi suit and a pair of Taichi shoes

VIP personal trainer: Taste Taichi and Enjoy High-End Service
Professional coach for one-to-one personal trainer service
Twice a week, make appointment to attend class based on the demand of trainees
Tea, dessert and fruit for free
Present two silk Taichi suits and a pair of Taichi shoes

Master Class
One-to-one teaching by masters
Tailored session, exclusive client service and participate by appointment
Tea-making by tea specialist, free tea, dessert and fruit
Exclusive VIP room, parking voucher for free
Present a tailored cotton and linen Taichi suit, and a pair of Taichi shoes

Hotline for experience appointment