Alliance and Cooperation

Alliance and Cooperation

i-TAICHING is a giant intangible asset. We tend to and feel satisfied with the development market of this industry and recognize the joint development of i-TAICHING scientific and standardized teaching core technique with partners, and obtain infinite energy in respect of health, circle and finance by alliance and cooperation!
Reproducible core competitiveness and fissile innovation drive you advance greatly in the field of health!
New business model
Complete industrial standard
Accurate marketing system
Standard talent system
Sufficient media exposure
Powerful capital drive
Comprehensive joining support

Club Alliance

Qualification Requirements of the Cooperative Partner
The cooperative partner should has the base in the economic and interpersonal network aspect.
Good personal trait and social reputation;
Long-term investment concept and advanced operation concept;
Cherish traditional culture, recognize the product and brand of i-TAICHING, and accept the culture and concept of i-TAICHING;
Strictly carry out various policies issued by i-TAICHING.

Professional authorization support

Brand Licensing Brand Licensing of i-TAICHING Taichi Club and Elite Club
Venue Operation Improved Operation System Training; Opening of Membership System; Guidance on Service and Sales Process;
Design Guidance Venue Layout Design; supported by i-TAICHING VI system; uniformed CIS requirements.
Marketing Online: Official publicity; Microblog and WeChat; Activity publish
Offline: Member Referral, Channel Expansion, Activities Leading, Advertising
Membership system Appointment for Membership Consultant, Regular Member Activities, Member Health Management, Personalized Tailored Service
Product support The products and sessions provided by i-TAICHING for various groups and stratum can meet the demand of people in different ages for exercise and allow the cooperative partner to quickly open the market.
Coach Output All coaches have passed the examination of National Taichi chuan Vocational Qualification Certification and obtained professional certificates at corresponding level. You don’t need to worry in respect of profession, level and teaching.
Training Base
Ways of Cooperation
Training Bases can conduct i-TAICHING sessions at specified places by authorization.
i-TAICHING provided sessions instructed by specialized professors and traced the progress of the trainees
Training bases recruits together with i-TAICHING and carries out training sessions
Build Taichi City
The ancient city Dunhua is devoted to building a i-TAICHING Regimen City.
In 2009, Dunhua city, together with i-TAICHING, established Dunhua i-TAICHING Research Institute and planted to regularly hold i-TAICHING Culture Festival. Through eight-year spreading and public welfare activities, the citizens have gradually been attracted by traditional culture and Taichi is becoming a public sport in Dunhua.
Talent cultivation
Dunhua has introduced the brand of i-TAICHING and trained locally several batches of certified i-TAICHING social sports instructor. Besides, the number of i-TAICHING trainees has reached several hundreds, providing a good platform for crowd entrepreneurship and crowd innovation.
Invite investment
As a national outstanding tourist city, relying on i-TAICHING culture, Dunhua has opened up a featured tourist mode Leisure Regimen, which enhanced the attraction and competitiveness of Dunhua in respect of culture and tourism.
Health for All
In Dunhua, the popularity of Taichi not only allows citizens in different ages understand the charm of this orient sport, but also, by family, permeation and spreading, transforms Taichi into the all-people sport that is loved and spread by everyone.