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i-TAICHING was founded in 2006, Chinese first chained Taichi culture brand specialized in Taichi training through a scientific and standardized teaching system, which is owned by Fosun Group. As the first teaching institution that brought up the idea that Taichi chuan needs verification, i-TAICHING has become the founder of National Standards for Certification on Vocational Qualification of Taichi chuan Coach and training verification unit, which laid a solid foundation for the industrialized development of Taichi chuan.

Corporate Service

Personalized tailored service for corporate health management:

Personalized tailored service

Personalized tailored service for corporate health..

Corporate Taichi Session

provided tailored Taichi chuan health sessions ..

Taichi Performance

i-TAICHING performance team is the professional..

Tailored Corporate

provides many customized health services for enterprises..

Taichi Training

Over years, i-TAICHING has deeply researched theories of Taichi chuan and the philosophy of Taichi culture, absorbing their essence and inheriting and developing them on a scientific base. Finally, i-TAICHING set up a set of instructional theories for Taichi teaching. Through several aspects, such as boxing technique, theories, teaching, management and customer service, i-TAICHING will foster more comprehensive and professional Taichi chuan talents.


Taichi chuan Coach Training Class

Target Group: Taichi fans, and social elites who intend to engage in Taichi chuan teaching or club management


Corporate Health Consultant Elite Class

Training Group:
Absorbed in cultivating elite health management talent


The company's memorabilia and related to media reports

Entered the global resort brand Club Med

i-TAICHING joint ClubMed, spreading Chinese traditional Taichi chuan culture in the world!

i-Taiching come to Confucius Institute

i-TAICHING taught Taichi chuan to over 100 presidents and professors from Confucius Institutes across the world.

Shanghai New York University courses

Shanghai New York University offered an optional course of i-TAICHING.