Taichi Training

Taichi Training

Over years, i-TAICHING has deeply researched theories of Taichi chuan and the philosophy of Taichi culture, absorbing their essence and inheriting and developing them on a scientific base. Finally, i-TAICHING set up a set of instructional theories for Taichi teaching. Through several aspects, such as boxing technique, theories, teaching, management and customer service, i-TAICHING will foster more comprehensive and professional Taichi chuan talents.

Taichi chuan Coach Training Class

Target Group: Taichi fans, and social elites who intend to engage in Taichi chuan teaching or club management
Course outline:
Classic Taichi chuan Theories
Learn about the improved theoretical systems of i-TAICHING, including six major theories and six major practice methods.
Standard Taichi chuan Technique
Learn five and eight-pattern Taichi chuan of i-TAICHING, and master standardized movements and postures
Professional Taichi chuan Teaching
Learn the teaching process of i-TAICHING and how to conduct a professional teaching by verifiable teaching methods and modes
Taichi chuan Management System
Learn the operation standard and management system of chained venue, spread the spirit of Taichi and push Taichi culture to the world

Corporate Health Consultant Elite Class

Training Group: Absorbed in cultivating elite health management talent
Course outline:
Grand Health Theory System
Learn complete health management concepts
Taichi chuan Theories Technique
Learn classic Taichi chuan theories and five-pattern Taichi chuan
Knowledge about Regimen by Chinese medicine
Learn the principles of body disease and master basic conditioning methods