Company profile

i-TAICHING was founded in 2006, Chinese first chained Taichi culture brand specialized in Taichi training through a scientific and standardized teaching system, which is owned by Fosun Group. As the first teaching institution that brought up the idea that Taichi chuan needs verification, i-TAICHING has become the founder of National Standards for Certification on Vocational Qualification of Taichi chuan Coach and training verification unit, which laid a solid foundation for the industrialized development of Taichi chuan.

August 2010, Fosun Group and i-TAICHING co-founded Shanghai i-TAICHING Sports Development Co., Ltd., which is devoted to researching and fostering core technology for scientific and standardized teaching of i-TAICHING. Fosun Group gives all effort to support the public welfare activities of i-TAICHING with regarding to Taichi regimen and actively push the chained and industrialized development of Taichi chuan in the world, aiming to build “i-TAICHING as the most influential brand in the field of Taichi culture promotion.”

For years, the idea Healthy Regimen & Happy Taichi advocated by i-TAICHING has made Taichi chuan “easier to be learnt, exercised, understood and mastered.” Today, i-TAICHING venues (including Taichi Club,Elite Club) have been established in many first and second-tier cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Chengdu. In future, they will extend to more cities. In addition, i-TAICHING has cooperated with many enterprises in the program Corporate Staff Care Health Journey to help them improve the fitness of their staff and enhance corporate culture, which has been widely recognized and praised by several Top 500 Companies, such as China Eastern Airlines, Forte Group, Fosun Pharmaceutical, Baixiang Food Group, and Everbright Securities.

i-TAICHING aims to function as an international business card to exhibit the traditional Chinese culture and to carry forward the real benefit of Taichi chuan, the quintessence of Chinese nation, all round the world, so as to keep everyone’s body and mind healthy and build a harmonious world!

Master of i-TAICHING —Huang Zhongda


Over years, Mr. Huang Zhongda has devoted himself to carrying forward Taichi culture and inheriting the essence of Taichi, and making great efforts to spread the positive energy of Taichi among people. Based on classic theories of Taichi chuan, he standardized and normalized traditional Taichi chuan and formed a complete set of theories through dividing the motions of Taichi chuan. He also proposed the idea that Taichi chuan needs verification, as well as a whole set of science principles-based modes for verification, which is used by him in his teaching so that all learners can thoroughly understand the elite and mystique of Taichi culture.

Chairman of Fosun Group —Guo Guangchang


“The cultural implication in i-TAICHING is highly consistent with that in values of Fosun Group, namely, the emphasis on culture and ecology and the care for health. All these have been fully embodied in i-TAICHING. i-TAICHING can improve people’s state physiologically and psychologically. It is good at not only your body but also your psychology. If people’s mindset is better, our commercial ecology will be healthier. ”